Using natural personal care and cleaning products is not only a good idea, there is strong scientific evidence linking chemicals in your personal care products to disease. We are the first generation that has been exposed to thousands of synthetic chemicals at once. The biggest identified issue with all this chemical exposure is that many of them are endocrine disruptors which interfere with normal hormone function. This exposure not only affects us but more importantly, our offspring. Our environment's health is also impacted with persistent chemicals that do not degrade and also impact wildlife numbers.

But it's not all doom and gloom! If we start to educate ourselves and look at the ingredients in our personal care products, we can detoxify our body of many of these nasty chemicals in a matter of days! There's some simple things we can do. We recommend following this list of ingredients to avoid, as well as reducing the number of products you use and switching to organic and natural products. We also recommend purchasing more of your personal care products from Health Food/Organic Shops and using helpful apps such as Chemical Maze.

Ingredients to avoid

o    Phthalates - look for the word "fragrance", "parfum" on labels. A component in synthetic fragrances that makes it last longer.
o    Parabens - a class of synthetic preservatives. Look for methyl-paraben, etc. Endocrine disruptor.
o    Sulphates - damages the integrity of the skin. Causes skin irritation, skin allergies, eczema. Alternatives include gentler surfactants (organics are the best option).
o    DEET - commercial insect repellents. Proven neurotoxin and causes liver damage.
o    Sunscreens - only choose sunscreens with zinc oxide/titanium dioxide.
o    Triclosan - used in anti-bacterial handwashes/gels and toothpastes. Thyroid toxin and negative environmental effect - contributes to antibacterial resistance and contaminates waterways.
o    Antiperspirants - blocks pores so toxins can no longer escape and a proven neurotoxin.