jojoba-oil_11003Jojoba Oil is often referred to as nature's best moisturiser and this is because it mimics sebum which is the natural oil our body produces. When Jojoba Oil is applied to the skin, it helps to regulate sebum production. Sometimes our skin overproduces sebum which may cause oily or acne prone skin or under produce it which may cause dry or aging skin. As Jojoba Oil helps to regulate and balance sebum production, it can either reduce or increase your skin's natural oil production accordingly. For this reason, it is suitable for oily, normal and dry skin types.

Jojoba Oil has also been found to reduce facial lines and increase skin's softness. It is also great for sensitive skin as pure Jojoba Oil is hypoallergenic. We highly recommend it as a daily face moisturiser. We source our Jojoba Oil directly from an Australian Farmers Co-operative in Western NSW. It is available online here.