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  1. Jojoba oil - nature's best moisturiser

    Jojoba Oil is often referred to as nature’s best moisturiser and this is because it mimics sebum which is the natural oil our body produces. When Jojoba Oil is applied to the skin, it helps to regulate sebum production. Sometimes our skin overproduces sebum which may cause oily or acne prone skin or under produce it […]

  2. Tips on switching to natural products

    It is relatively easy to detoxify your body by switching to natural and organic products. This will help to reduce the chemical load on your body and our planet. We hope these tips may help you in your journey in going natural: 1. Simplify, simplify, simplify! Reduce the number of products that you use and […]

  3. Chemical Free Community

    We have recently joined Chem Free Community. The Community provides the connection between users who are on their chemical free journey looking for non-toxic and less toxic food, products and services (hairdressers, beauticians, pest control, holistic doctors and dentists, dry cleaners, swimming pools, nail salons, vets and pet care, restaurants and cafes, furniture and even […]

  4. Ingredients to avoid in personal care products

    Using natural personal care and cleaning products is not only a good idea, there is strong scientific evidence linking chemicals in your personal care products to disease. We are the first generation that has been exposed to thousands of synthetic chemicals at once. The biggest identified issue with all this chemical exposure is that many […]

  5. Why Natural Wonders?

    We are passionate about creating natural products that will not compromise your health or our environment’s health. Our range contains certified organic ingredients and is formulated according to Australian Certified Organic standards. We utilise the latest green ingredients available on the market. Our products feel and smell exceptional, are gentle enough for sensitive skin and […]

  6. Tips for Treating Acne Naturally

    The mainstream skincare industry has perpetuated claims of needing to rid acne prone skin of oil completely. In fact one of the best ways to treat acne and moisturise the skin is with the use of oil. Using natural plant based oils on the skin normalises your natural oil production, however not all oils are suitable for […]

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