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  1. Using a Diffuser to ward off mosquitos

    Using the right essential oils in a diffuser can be a very effective way to ward off mosquitos and other insects in and around your home. It is also a non-toxic way to ward off mozzies as opposed to mosquito coils and paraffin based citronella candles. Diffusers are also much more effective at spreading the scent […]

  2. Did you know?

    Natural Wonders is a small family business that formulates, makes, bottles and labels all of our products in small batches using organic and natural plant-based ingredients. We are passionate about creating personal care products that are: good for you and the environment free of toxic chemicals provide effective natural remedies.   All of our ingredients […]

  3. Dangers of DEET

    The chemical DEET is in a number of insect repellents on the market. DEET is a registered pesticide. It is a member of the toulene chemical family, which is used in paint removers, and solvents used in rubber and plastic cements. Research indicates that heavy exposure to DEET may lead to memory loss, headache, weakness, fatigue, […]

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