It is a little known fact that babies' skin is still forming for at least three months after birth. It is not yet a proper barrier under this age and it is for this reason we recommend that as little as possible is applied directly on babies' skin.

The skin of babies differs from adult skin in several ways and has a greater potential for irritation. Baby skin is generally about 60% the thickness of adult skin. This means that a higher amount of chemicals and other substances can be absorbed compared to adult skin. Baby skin also lacks several ‘protective’ enzymes, leaving their skin more susceptible to irritation and sensitivity reactions.

Babies do not need bathing every day. It’s best to bath them every two to three days to keep protective oils on the skin’s surface. It is important to use extremely mild baby wash products with no colours, preservatives or fragrances. Ideally, we recommend not using any products that create bubbles as these are generally petrochemical based and can irritate the skin (avoid SLSs). A natural alternative is to make them a milk bath as milk is gently cleansing (Goat's Milk Powder is our favourite).

We recommend using our baby powder made with natural ingredients (such as Ivory Clay) and avoiding any powders that contain Talc. There has been controversy in recent years regarding mainstream baby products containing Talc such as Johnson's Baby Powder and the link with cancer (click for more info here...)

When heading outdoors, it is best for babies under three months to be covered up in a wrap to cover as much exposed skin as possible (so nasty bugs can't bite them!). For babies over three months and age, our Baby Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse has been specially formulated for babies' skin.