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August 2015

  1. Oil of Cloves

    Oil of cloves is an essential oil produced from the clove bud. It has a powerful, warm, spicy scent and contains a number of chemical components that give it many useful properties. The most useful property of Oil of Cloves is its powerful anti-fungal action which mean it is able to effectively kill mould spores […]

  2. Rash Relief Body Powder

    The Rash Relief Body Powder was originally developed as a natural, talc-free baby powder to help with nappy rash as we were unhappy with many of the commercial varieties available. After a while, we found, through customers of all ages, that it is useful in the treatment of a number of other skin issues so […]

  3. Our Cold Sore Remedy offers great natural support for cold sore symptoms

    Natural Wonders Cold Sore Remedy offers 100% natural support for cold sore symptoms. The first active ingredient in our Cold Sore Remedy is Melissa essential oil, also known as Lemon Balm as it has a pleasant lemon-like scent. It is believed that Melissa essential oil works by blocking the herpes simplex virus’ ability to attach […]

  4. Looking for a natural way to protect your baby in the outdoors?

    Baby Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse® is our new DEET-free natural body cream specifically designed for babies, pregnant women and people with sensitive skin. It has a gentler blend of essential oils which are considered safe to use while pregnant and on babies under 12 months of age. The essential oils used are Lavender, Palmarosa, […]

  5. Looking to naturally protect yourself from bugs?

    Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse® is our DEET-free tropical strength natural body cream which provides longer lasting outdoor protection. Our cosmetic chemist, Jeannie Lynch, developed the cream in order to protect her family while living in tropical Darwin. She was concerned about the toxic effects of conventional insect repellents so decided to research and develop an alternative that […]

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