Our camping spot at Sandy Way near Uluru
Our camping spot at Sandy Way near Uluru

When I was working in manufacturing, one of the improvement tools we used was called 5Whys. You basically ask “Why?” 5 times (or more) until to get to the root cause of an issue. It’s a very powerful tool that allows you to dig deep into an issue. I decided to try this on myself and my business starting with this…

I love my business? Why?

Because it helps people. Why?

Because we make a product that helps them enjoy being outside without worrying about getting bitten. Why?

Because I felt their pain while travelling around Australia. Why?

Because we were getting bitten and constantly worrying about mosquitos and midgies. Why?

Because we were living in a caravan. Why?

Because we wanted to explore and experience this amazing country of ours. Why?

Our camp spot at Warren Gorge, SA
Our camp spot at Warren Gorge, SA

Because it called us. Why?

Because travelling fills our heart with joy. Why?

Because when I lived overseas I realised we live in the best country in the world. Why?

Because it has a unique beauty and energy that you can feel. Why?

Because it rejuvenates you, recalibrates you, energises you. Why?

Because it strips away society's constructs and makes you feel like the only person on the planet. Why?

Because it gives you perspective. Why?

Because it is so vast, wide, open, natural, old.

So I realised this is what I really want. I want people to experience that. The magnificence of our country. The recalibration. The joy. In the best possible way. That is what our business is all about.

Wow, that’s a powerful tool. It really uncovered something deep.

The WWII runways in the NT
The vast open sky in the NT

At different times in my life I have experienced this crazy desire to leave my life behind and hit the road so strongly that I have actually gone into work and resigned on the spot. I have hit the road without a plan, just to go into the outback to really, truly feel life. As a result of those trips, my life completely changed.

The first time I felt the urge was in 1999, when I was living in Copenhagen after having lived in Belgium for 2 years. I hopped on a plane home and immediately bought myself a 4WD and camping gear as I knew I wanted to travel around this amazing country of ours.

In 2000, I drove from Melbourne to Broome with my sister and that gave me a taste of what was out there. In 2001, I got the urge to get back out there alone so I quit my job and just hit the road with no plan. I ended up meeting my future husband in Palm Valley. That's a whole other story...

The urge came again in 2009, this time with our 2 little boys in tow, and after 9 incredible months on the road I met Julie in Darwin, and we started Natural Wonders.

So, if you feel the urge to pack up and go drive around this country, just do it, for there is something amazing waiting out there for you.

If you'd like to find out more about our 2009 trip around Australia you can read about it on our around australia blog at https://aroundaustralia.wordpress.com/.