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October 2016

  1. Tips to ease itch of insect bites

    The arrival of warmer weather and sunshine can mean holidays, outdoor BBQs, beach trips, camping trips and generally fun times! Being outdoors can also mean the possibility of annoying insect bites. Here are some tips to ease the itch and discomfort insect bites or stings: Remove the sting or tick if still in the skin […]

  2. Upcoming Events

    We are excited to have our Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse and Natural Wonders range exhibited at the following events: Bendigo Leisurefest, Nov 18-20 Albany Show in WA (Bernie), Nov 11-12. Hamley Bridge Expo in SA, this Sun (Bev) Carseldine Market this Sat and other Brisi Markets (Darv) Mornington Market on 13 Nov, Lardner Park Market on 20 Nov […]

  3. Protect babies and toddlers from mosquito bites

    As babies’ and toddlers’ skin tends to react worse to mosquito bites than adults, there are plenty of ways to minimise the chances of them getting bitten. These include: Dress babies and toddlers so that as much skin as possible is covered. Loose fitting clothes or muslin wraps are good in the heat and keep […]

  4. Using a Diffuser to ward off mosquitos

    Using the right essential oils in a diffuser can be a very effective way to ward off mosquitos and other insects in and around your home. It is also a non-toxic way to ward off mozzies as opposed to mosquito coils and paraffin based citronella candles. Diffusers are also much more effective at spreading the scent […]

  5. Ways to mosquito-proof your home

    There’s nothing worse than hearing that dreaded mozzie sound whirring around your head when you’re laying in bed. Luckily there are a lot of things we can do to minimize mosquitos getting into your home. Some tips to mozzie proof your home are: Maintain flywire screens on windows and doors If you live in a […]

  6. Antibacterial soaps banned in the US

    Antibacterial soaps have been banned in the US as they have been declared no more effective than ordinary soap and could encourage the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Antibacterial soap contains the toxic ingredient Triclosan which can hormone function, damage the liver and kidneys and is a suspected carcinogenic. Triclosan is also contained in toothpastes and […]

  7. Mosquito rates to soar in summer

    Unfortunately the wet weather across the southern and eastern states recently combined with increasing temperatures has created the ideal conditions for mosquito breeding. With this, also comes the risk of contracting mosquito borne viruses like Ross River and Barmah River viruses. We recommend wearing a strong non-toxic insect repellent such as our Good Riddance Mozzie […]

  8. Make your own natural lip balm

    Many of us use lip balm on a daily basis and it can be easy to make your own natural lip balm and avoid those that contain petrochemicals. This simple, effective recipe contains only plant-based ingredients (no toxic chemicals) so it’s safe for you and the planet! Lip Balm Recipe 5ml (1 tsp) organic shea […]

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