Japan is one of a growing number of countries to ban Triclosan, a common chemical found in everyday personal care products like anti-bacterial handwashes/gels and toothpaste. The decision follows the US, with the FDA finding that triclosan was no more effective at preventing the spread of illness than washing hands with soap and warm water. Research indicates that Triclosan is a thyroid toxin and has a negative environmental impact by contributing to antibacterial resistance and contaminates waterways.

Let's hope that Australia follows suit and bans triclosan from everyday personal care products on our shelves. The most important thing is that we, as consumers, educate ourselves about the ingredients in our personal care products and avoid those that are toxic and detrimental to our health. We recommend purchasing more of your personal care products from Health Food/Organic Shops and using helpful apps such as Chemical Maze.

This fantastic article from Choice goes into more detail about endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our everyday products and how to avoid them...

All Natural Wonders and Good Riddance products are free from Triclosan, Parabens, Phthalates and other toxic ingredients. We only use the highest quality plant-based natural and organic ingredients in all of our products. Natural Wonders is a proud member of Chemical Free Community.