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About our company

  1. Why we love what we do

    Our camping spot at Sandy Way near Uluru When I was working in manufacturing, one of the improvement tools we used was called 5Whys. You basically ask “Why?” 5 times (or more) until to get to the root cause of an issue. It’s a very powerful tool that allows you to dig deep into an […]

  2. Growing Ban on Triclosan

    Japan is one of a growing number of countries to ban Triclosan, a common chemical found in everyday personal care products like anti-bacterial handwashes/gels and toothpaste. The decision follows the US, with the FDA finding that triclosan was no more effective at preventing the spread of illness than washing hands with soap and warm water. Research […]

  3. Part of the toxic free revolution!

    The Natural Wonders Brand wordcloud Here at Natural Wonders, we are all about creating products that help you enjoy the outdoors without being eaten and without having to use toxic chemicals! For years, the only option available to protect yourself from mosquitos were products containing toxic chemicals like DEET (a proven neuro-toxin). This is what […]

  4. Did you know?

    Natural Wonders is a small family business that formulates, makes, bottles and labels all of our products in small batches using organic and natural plant-based ingredients. We are passionate about creating personal care products that are: good for you and the environment free of toxic chemicals provide effective natural remedies.   All of our ingredients […]

  5. Accredited with Australian Made and Choose Cruelty Free

    Did you know that Natural Wonders is proudly accredited with Australian Made? That means that our products are manufactured in Australia, our packaging is made in Australia and we use Australian ingredients where available.         We are also accredited with Choose Cruelty Free as we do not test our products on animals and our products […]

  6. Chemical Free Community

    We have recently joined Chem Free Community. The Community provides the connection between users who are on their chemical free journey looking for non-toxic and less toxic food, products and services (hairdressers, beauticians, pest control, holistic doctors and dentists, dry cleaners, swimming pools, nail salons, vets and pet care, restaurants and cafes, furniture and even […]

  7. Why Natural Wonders?

    We are passionate about creating natural products that will not compromise your health or our environment’s health. Our range contains certified organic ingredients and is formulated according to Australian Certified Organic standards. We utilise the latest green ingredients available on the market. Our products feel and smell exceptional, are gentle enough for sensitive skin and […]

  8. Jeannie's Interview for the Women Mean Business Conference

    Jeannie was recently interviewed for the Women Mean Business conference in Darwin. We thought we’d share her answers with you here. What inspired you to create your business? While travelling around Australia with my family, I made the decision to leave my corporate career behind and start my own business, not really knowing what, where […]

  9. Read all about it!

      A little-known Territory success story has been quietly brewing in the Top End for the past five years. Started in a shed on a Howard Springs property, Natural Wonders Botanical Skincare products began with just two products for sale at the markets around Darwin. The range of products available has now grown to more […]

  10. The Natural Wonders Botanical Skincare Brand In a Picture

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