It's something that almost every child goes through, the dreaded nit! It can be easy to make your own natural nit treatment that is effective without using toxic chemicals.


Apply liberal amounts of olive oil to the hair and scalp, making sure all of the hair is covered. Once all of the hair is well-coated, put on a shower cap and leave on overnight. It may be helpful to cover the pillow with a couple of towels.

The purpose of this is to suffocate the lice with the oil, as they’ve got a number of small openings on their bodies which they breathe through.
In the morning, find a spot where a mess won’t matter. Place a towel over their shoulders and comb out the hair to remove as much of the oil as you can, soaking the comb often in vinegar. This process will remove both lice and some nits. Use a metal nit comb to help remove as many nits as possible.

Wash out the olive oil with natural shampoo.

Check back every day or so over the next 3 weeks and repeat this process until all the eggs are gone. We have found that it usually only takes the one treatment to do the job.