Winter can leave our skin feeling parched and dry. As the temperature drops, humidity goes down and winter winds come, it’s vital that we adapt our skincare routine to suit the changing conditions. We hope these tips help you to avoid the dry skin feeling this winter!

  1. Apply a natural moisturiser immediately after washing – this will help trap existing moisture in your skin.
  2. Prevent baths and showers from making dry skin worse – limit shower time to 5 or 10 minutes, use warm rather than hot water, use unfragranced organic body wash or handmade castille or goats milk soap.
  3. Use only natural and organic skin care products as they will help your skin retain its natural oils.
  4. Avoid toxic ingredients that dry out the skin
    • Sulphates (SLSs, creates bubbles in products, causes skin irritation, allergies and eczema)
    • Phthalates (look for the word ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum' on labels),
    • Parabens (synthetic preservatives, look for methyl-paraben etc)
    • Petrochemicals (look for ‘mineral oil’, ‘petrolatum’, ‘paraffin’, ‘propylene glycol’, ‘PEG’s)
    • Triclosan (in antibacterial hand wash, gels and toothpaste).
  5. Wear natural lip balm – not one with petrochemicals.
  6. Wear gloves when washing.
  7. Carry a non-greasy natural hand cream with you, and apply it after each hand washing. This will greatly help relieve dry skin.
  8. Stay warm without cozying up to close a fireplace or other heat source.
  9. Use a humidifier in your bedroom at night.

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