Natural Wonders came about quite by accident. There was no grand plan, no big decision. It started as a bit of fun, selling products that I loved and wanted to share with the world. Little did I know it was going to take over my life and become such an obsession!

So what is it I obsess about? Bringing natural products to the world. Why natural products? Well, my main objective is to reduce our exposure to synthetic chemicals, not just for us, but also for our environment. My mission is to develop simple, natural products that work exceptionally well, free of the harmful chemicals found in so many mass-produced skincare ranges.

So why is it that so many synthetically produced chemicals abound in our world today and should we be worried about them? My take on this is very simple really. I believe that their use is predominantly driven by money. They cost a lot less than natural ingredients, thus increasing the profits of the major cosmetic manufacturers. But my worry is this. Many of these chemicals have not been around long enough for us to see the true effect they have on our bodies. I have personally seen a dramatic increase in various skin conditions (particularly an alarming rate of babies born with eczema), allergies and, of course, cancer. And I've read enough to know that there is more than a probable link between the two.

So my philosophy is simple, avoid as many of the synthetic chemicals as I can, to be on the safe side. For my sake, for my children's sake, for the environment's sake.