One of the most important reason to use natural personal care products is your health. There is now strong scientific evidence linking chemicals in personal care products to disease. Did you know that women on average apply 168 chemicals onto their skin daily?! The greatest risk with exposure to synthetic chemicals is the effect they have on our endocrine (hormone) system. They can also affect the next generation more than our own, as changes occur in embryos.

Just as important is the impact synthetic chemicals have on our environment. Persistent chemicals do not degrade and remain in our water supply and soil. This is turn affects wildlife leading to reduced numbers.

Luckily it is relatively easy to detoxify your body and in turn help to reduce the chemical load on our planet. There are also a number of great online resources that educate consumer on ingredients to avoid.


These include:


We also recommend shopping at health food shops, organic shops and specialist online stores for skincare & toiletries.