Using the right essential oils in a diffuser can be a very effective way to ward off mosquitos and other insects in and around your home. It is also a non-toxic way to ward off mozzies as opposed to mosquito coils and paraffin based citronella candles. Diffusers are also much more effective at spreading the scent than an oil burner.

We recommend using a few drops of our Good Riddance Essential Oil Blend (smells like Lemongrass!) in an Ultrasonic Diffuser to help repel mosquitos, midgies and sandflies from your home. This blend is used in our Tropical Strength cream and will last approximately 3-4 hours. Our Ultrasonic Diffuser can be set on a timer that automatically switches off as well as low lighting. It also has a USB plug which can plug into a phone charger, computer or TV.

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