There's nothing worse than hearing that dreaded mozzie sound whirring around your head when you're laying in bed. Luckily there are a lot of things we can do to minimize mosquitos getting into your home. Some tips to mozzie proof your home are:

  1. Maintain flywire screens on windows and doors
  2. If you live in a mozzie prone area but don't have any screens, consider using mosquito netting over the bed
  3. Use ceiling or floor fans to reduce mozzies
  4. An alternative to using toxic mosquito coils or plug-in devices is to use a mosquito repellent essential oil blend in a diffuser
  5. Remove stagnant water where mozzies can breed. Clean gutters and drains regularly and mend leaking taps
  6. Change pets' drinking water and water in vases, pot plants and bird baths at least once a week
  7. Put sand around the base of pot plants
  8. Keep swimming pools chlorinated, salted or empty if not in use
  9. Keep fishponds stocked as fish eat mosquito larvae
  10. Check rainwater tanks or water storage devices to make sure any tops or covers are close-fitting.


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