In the past few years, a large number of people have begun to turn towards natural skincare products. This trend in consumer habits has been reflected in the skincare industry as a number of skincare companies have begun developing their own “natural” and “organic” ranges to get a slice of the pie. Recent scientific research has revealed that the some of the chemicals we once thought would provide us with eternal youth and fix all of our skin problems might not actually be that great. In fact, some might even be down-right dangerous for both ourselves and the environment, so the shift to natural ingredients has been a logical one.

The problem with natural ingredients though is that they tend to be far more expensive to produce than their synthetic counterparts. It is also far more difficult to achieve a completely natural product with a long shelf life and a skin-feel that consumers have become accustomed to, and therefore expect. Add to this the fact that the words “natural” and “organic” are thrown around like they are going out of fashion, it is very easy to understand why some people can feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right personal care products for them. Hopefully we can help to ease that confusion a little.

Is it natural?

Are the ingredients in your personal care products really natural?

When discussing the ingredients in a personal care product, they can all be sorted into the following categories:

- Certified Organic,

- Natural,

- Derived from Nature, and

- Synthetic.

At Natural Wonders, we aim to provide our customers with natural products using the highest quality ingredients and, wherever possible, Certified Organic ingredients. In addition to this, we only use ingredients that have been approved by the Australian Certified Organic standard as acceptable for use in Certified Organic cosmetics. We endeavour to uphold this standard in every new product that we produce. This means that our products are far better for the environment as all of our ingredients are readily bio-degradable, are produced using renewable resources and will not linger for many years to come. It also means that they are better for you as there are no toxic chemicals present which can accumulate in your body. We heavily research each of our ingredients before we include them in our products so that you don’t have to, but we think that it is important that our customers are educated on the types of ingredients that may be included in the personal care products they use. Over the next few days, we will be posting a little bit about the four categories of ingredients. We hope you will find it useful.