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  1. What is Natural? - Synthetic Ingredients

    If you have missed our last few posts, we discussed Certified Organic and natural ingredients as well as ingredients derived from nature. Today we will be discussing synthetic ingredients. Synthetic ingredients are defined as being synthesised entirely from lab-produced chemicals or petroleum derivatives and include “nature-identical” ingredients. Due to the way they are manufactured, synthetic […]

  2. What is Natural? - Naturally Derived Ingredients

    In our last post, we discussed Certified Organic and natural ingredients, if you missed that post, make sure you read it here. Today we will discuss ingredients which have been derived from nature. Ingredients are often labelled as being “derived from nature”. These ingredients are derived from a natural source, however may be produced either […]

  3. What is Natural?

    In the past few years, a large number of people have begun to turn towards natural skincare products. This trend in consumer habits has been reflected in the skincare industry as a number of skincare companies have begun developing their own “natural” and “organic” ranges to get a slice of the pie. Recent scientific research […]

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